“He kissed it and thought it was kissing him too” – Ovid, Metamorphoses Book 10

flyer_web.png2016 marked the beginning of CrossArts Collective with PROJECT PYGMALION, an explosive collaboration between the visual and performance arts exploring the myth of Pygmalion from Ovid.

In the story a sculptor creates an ivory statue so perfect he falls in love with it. The Goddess Venus grants his desire by breathing life into the statue, giving Pygmalion a “real woman” to love.

Ideas behind the work included: performance of gender, the notion of “true love”, and our personal influence as artist and subject.

PROJECT PYGMALION was rapidly created in one month, each response bringing a fragment to create the whole. The Collective created a daytime gallery, mixing media with improvised live performance.

In the evening theatrical responses to the myth were performed to great responses. The bill featured a premiere of new work by spoken word artist Suzy Gill, performed by special guest theatre company Siberian Lights. 

This project has since gone on to inspire and develop other work by the Collective.

Ugly Duck Bermondsey – Sat 23rd- Sun 24th April, 2016