About Us

CrossArts Collective was formed in 2016 by artist Sukey Sleeper and actor/writer Alice Robinson out of a desire to create a platform for collaboration between visual and performance artists.

The collective is made up of core collaborators who include artists, writers and actors in the early stages of their careers.

We seek to create truly collaborative, multidisciplinary work and engage in critical discussion. Our main critical interests are the intersection of the ‘digital’ and the ‘real’ and public interaction and engagement with art, galleries and museums.

Alice Robinson, Co-founder

Alice is an actor and writer based in London. Her interests lie in developing new writing, and re-imagining old stories. She was a host and editor of the podcast “Heroine Addicts”, celebrating heroines of past and present, and is a core member of the Greenham Women Everywhere project which has built an online oral archive of the all female anti-nuclear protest. She is a writer and editor on the podcast “Greenham Uncommon”.

Sukey Sleeper, Co-founder

Sukey is an artist living and working in Cambridge. A member of Cambridge Art Salon, her work is preoccupied with Art historical subjects, gender and social media.

Past and Present Collaborators

David Anthony – Skye Baker – Vanessa Bizzarri – Ben Chandler – Theatre Delicatessen – Joe Downing – Ugly Duck – Jonny Emery – Omi Feeney – Hannah Kirk-Evans – Arthur Lancelyn Green – Helena Lacy – Chlöe Louise Lawrence – Siberian Lights – Caroline Moroney – Charlie Mulligan – Miztli Rose Neville – Kate Parnell – Lucy Parnell – Sophie Paterson – Gigi Rice – Rowan Reijnierse-Salisbury – Alice Sleeper – Doireann May White – Faye Wilson